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According to Catalyst, women of color make up just 16.5% of people who work for S&P 500 companies, less than 10% of managers and 3.9% of executives.  There’s only been one African American woman running a Fortune 500 company. What do you think of those odds?

I help millennial moms take the risk and tap your overachieving, type A personality. Stop comparing and start creating the fulfilling, meaningful life inside and outside of corporate. I inspire clients to overcome imposter syndrome with my own leap as a new Mom to develop my leadership strategy as a profitable entrepreneur and executive coach.

I work with leaders one on one or in groups like employee resource networks or masterminds to redefine success and build confidence to execute your plan consistently. As a communications consultant, I help you promote your opportunity and overcome the anxiety of setting and achieving your goals. Are you ready to talk about what’s next in your life and career?

What We Offer

Are you ready to bring your vision to life at home and at work? We help you set achievable goals to push you forward. Based in positive psychology, I work with clients to connect you with opportunities by unlocking what's holding you back. Why is it important to you?
Tell us why this is important to you and we will tell you how we can help reach your next level.

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We start with executive coaching to assess the learning and development needs of our clients. This allows us to align your vision and build an inclusive community by creating programs and developing internal and external networks. We provide our clients with public relations and branding to inspire growth and leadership.

It all starts with you. One person making a decision to change. For yourself, your organization or your community, once you decide to be a leader you are ready to contact us.

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Development Coaching

Establish your mission,values and take consistent action steps.

Leadership Coaching

Tap into your leadership style and perspectives to achieve your vision.

Group Coaching

Build trust and inclusive cultures with facilitation and direct communication.

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